Hours & Directions

Serving Breakfast and Lunch
From 6am – 3pm, Mon-Sat.

2409 Mall Drive, North Charleston SC
In front of N. Charleston City Hall & Regal Cinema

Click here for directions and a printable map

TEL: (843) 554-3354

FAX: (843) 554-3306


10 thoughts on “Hours & Directions

  1. Lisa Lyons

    I lived in NYC for 17 years and I’ve been spending my time back home in the Lowcountry getting reacquainted with southern food and sweet tea, but I can’t wait to try this deli and rediscover some of the things I really miss about The City, like a good knish 🙂

  2. Port City Crew

    HELLO DELI !!!
    Every thing I have ever ordered was perfect.
    I Love Our ” LITTLE RED HEAD DELIVERY LADY “, she’s a hoot !

  3. Terry

    We recently called in an order for 12 people for a working lunch during an all day training session. I just wanted to say, the service and food were both first class. You were highly recommended by a frequent customer and I must say we were not disappointed. Not everybody can get it right for 12 individual lunches with different items. The order was ready on time, had our names on the boxes, and the food was delicious. Thank you for the awesome experience and delivery of personal service as well. Thank you Jenny and Harvey! Talking to both of you on the phone was even way above and beyond my expectations.

  4. Lisa Ganz

    Hi there!
    My name is Lisa Ganz. I am a casting director in New York City. We are presently casting a major network show looking for fabulous people specifically in the SOUTH CAROLINA AREA involved in FOOD or CULINARY related businesses that have always dreamed of having their own show! The network is passionate about South Carolina and is looking to create programming around the food/culinary scene in that area. We are also open to people that are just over-the-top food passionate.

    We are on a very short casting window and hoping you can help us spread the word to your network or ANYONE you may know in the culinary/food world in South Carolina. This is a HUGE opportunity for anyone in the culinary/food world. Any help would be greatly appreciated. FEEL FREE TO CALL ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE. This is NOT spam. I am the owner of Twins Talent productions and you can see the many shows we cast on line.
    Thanks Lisa Ganz
    Twins Talent

    I have included the information below. Feel free to share on your network or any social media.

    – New Major Network Food Show in South Carolina

    Looking for fabulous people involved in FOOD or CULINARY related businesses, or even just over-the-top food passionate, who live in SOUTH CAROLINA and have always dreamed of having their own show! Whether you are in a small town or one of the major cities we want to hear from you!

    Whether you’re a chef, food developer, restaurateur, baker, farmer, hunter, butcher, food truck owner, fisherman, food/culinary manufacturer, culinary instructor, foodie, food blogger, food tester, food taster or own an event or catering company, if you think you and your food related lifestyle or business would be great for a show, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!

    WE WELCOME SINGLES, GROUPS, FRIENDS, FAMILY OWNED BUSINESSES or individuals to apply! If you have friends in the South Carolina food/culinary scene, please forward this on. If you want to nominate someone, do it!

    Please Email: southcarolinacasting@gmail.com

    Include your full name, telephone number, city you live, details about your interesting business and life (please be as detailed as possible), website (if available), history of business or how it started, how many employees, if any and why you personally would be a great fit for any food show. Debbie & Lisa Ganz

  5. GSmalls Unhappy Customer

    I am glad that everyone seemed to enjoy their experience. I unfortunately had a bad experience with this establishment. I ordered a Chicken Caesar Salad believing that is what I would receive. The chicken looked great and the lettuce was fresh, however I have never been to an establishment that does not have cheese on the Caesar salad. When cheese was requested the young lady that provided me with my food stated the company did not have any cheese for salads. I then asked for white cheese in general and was told they did not carry any type of white cheese. The company carries Swiss cheese which is white and also goat cheese which I happened to read in the menu and that is also white. The young lady obviously does not know and is not aware of what the establishment has, she was to busy worried about getting the orders of a judge and other officials from the City Hall building that was located across from their restaurant. The moral of the story is that I paid almost $9.00 for some dry lettuce, croutons, and also a chicken breast that was grilled. Maybe everything else is really great at the establishment. Unfortunately I will not find out because you only have to have unruly service one time for me to not return.

  6. Gail

    Very disappointed. I tried several times because close to work but have been very disappointed that I can’t really trust trying different things on the menu. I tried the chicken soup only to have it be absolutely tasteless with a greasy chicken thigh obviously just tossed in and re cooked with noodles. Tried again and the tuna salad and fries are very good. Then my lox and bagels that I ordered came without the capers I specifically ordered (very bland without it) and now today, undercooked grits and under corned beefed hash. I guess just Tuna salad then…

  7. T

    Disappointed that part of my chicken sandwich was raw. New to Hello Deli, and I am not happy with the first experience.

  8. Deborah

    I visited this establishment an hour ago…if I lived close I would have returned the items…Firstly, for anyone who had or have a Groupon…you should alert people via your home page that you are no longer accepting Groupons instead of noting the info on your door only to be seen upon arrival.. those who order on-line can’t see it. Secondly, the items I ordered were horrible…the okra vegetable soup was not seasoned-taste like veggies dumped in a can of pureed tomatoes.. Thirdly, the grilled cheese..I think the cheese was government cheese-would not melt..even when I reheated ….and I could say more…however..I give this place a half star…

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