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Hello Deli is a New York-style delicatessen and family restaurant, located in North Charleston, SC. Our menu features a wide variety of delicious, overstuffed sandwiches.

We use only the highest-quality ingredients and cook our meats in-house, to provide you with the freshest, tastiest meals at the best prices you’ll find anywhere.

Please take a look at our breakfast and lunch menus, and then come by to have a bite to eat!

Hello Deli is conveniently located in Charles Towne Square, in front of North Charleston City Hall and Regal Cinema.

Looking for a NY Deli in Charleston?

I read a restaurant review recently that mentioned “I was hoping a New York Deli had indeed taken up residence in the Lowcountry.” This was followed by a regretful, “NOT QUITE”.

I take grave exception to the “NOT QUITE” as we certainly hold ourselves out to be cut from the cloth of a New York Style Deli.


Our corned beef is Hebrew National Brisket as well as our Pastrami (naval I might add), Hot Dogs, Bologna and Salami, and Tongue.

Our Blintzes are homemade, our Smoked Fish comes from New York. We always have Lox and Scotch (the real nova) salmon and at times Sable (Black Alaskan Cod), Baked Salmon, Whitefish, and Whitefish Salad.  Our Bagels are made in Brooklyn where the water makes the difference.

I might suggest that you peruse this website to review our complete Breakfast and Lunch Menu, noting Challah French Toast, Omelets of various styles, and a note that I have practiced for 33 years to make the next sandwich, soup, platter, etc, even better.

Just one visit will put to rest the notion that Charleston does not have an authentic New York Style Deli!

Thank you,

Harvey Nathan

More Reviews

We are always grateful when our customers take the time to share their positive experiences. Here are a few reviews from Yelp.com

Rich E.
You thought the reuben at East Bay was pretty good? The reuben here blows it out of the Chucktown water!…

Jen M.
Ever since Nathans closed down in West Ashley I have been upset about not having my “back home Jewish food” like Lox on my Bagel, matzah ball soup, potato knishs..etc..I finally found where the owner Harvey(wonderful owner BTW) moved to…HELLO DELI in North Charleston..and boy am I happy!  Today was my first visit and I of course had to order all that I mentioned above and a Reuben for my husband.  Everything was wonderful and my wait was not long at all!  Even my 2yr.old son enjoyed all of it…even the Jewish pickle!  I personally have never really liked Reubens but this one was awesome!  It was for husband at work, but by the time it got to him it had several bites taken from it!  lol…….A BIG THANK YOU TO HARVEY for still keeping a Jewish Deli like from back home open in Charleston SC!

dustin b.
my co-workers talk about this place all the time. so my wife and i decided to give it a try for lunch today…. we both loved it. service was great – and our food was very good. knish was cool to see on the menu. lots of kosher stuff…lots of sandwiches (breakfast/lunch)…bagels….etc ..it was crowed @ lunch time.

they do breakfast and lunch only and close up just after lunch.

the owner asked how my sandwich was and i told him great…..he said good because it took me 40 years to learn how to make you that sandwich…..its cool place….we ill go back.


And here are two more reviews recently posted on UrbanSpoon.com

mobile review
by Rachel
Excellent sandwiches!!! Very yummy!!! We enjoyed lunch at Hello Deli. Best pastrami I’ve ever had and my husband was beyond pleased with his pastrami and cornbeef sandwich. The sides were yummy too! Can’t wait to go back.


by Flo
I preface this review with the fact that I know the owner from playing racquetball with him, but that won’t have any affect on my feelings.
This place is fabulous. Located in the old Franco’s just across the street from the new North Chuck city hall, you know as soon as you walk in that it’s a very friendly place. KC always greets you and seats you and it only took about two visits before she (and everyone, for that matter) knew my name and what I like to order.
I’ve had omelets (to go) before, and they’re quite good; one of these days I’m gonna leave for work early enough to actually sit and enjoy my breakfast there.
To me, lunch is Harvey’s forte`. Every sandwich I, and any guest I have brought, have gotten has been just slammed full of meat. You don’t often find a sandwich with 3″ of pastrami (or whatever) in it. I always get it on rye, which is lightly toasted and buttered.
Last week, I got one of Stacy’s brownies and, while a bit steep at $2.99, was as good as I’ve ever tasted in my life.
I wholeheartedly recommend Hello Deli as a wonderful place for either lunch or breakfast.

Great Review from “Charleston Scene”

We were delighted to read this review from Rob Young in Charleston Scene.

Hello Deli: The best Reuben in town?

By Rob Young, Special to The Post and Courier

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Hello Deli comes by way of its memorable owner: Nathan Harvey, a Charleston restaurant veteran whose last venture was the eponymously named Nathan’s Deli on Ashley River Road.

These days, Nathan operates from the old Franco’s restaurant on Mall Drive, near North Charleston City Hall and the Verizon Wireless Call Center.

He helps prepare breakfast and lunch Monday through Saturday, serving meals many of his former patrons might recognize.

Breakfast brings lox, onion and eggs, challah French toast, and Belgian waffles, while lunch delivers specialty sandwiches such as a Dagwood-style, triple-decker club sandwich, and the Sailor with knockwurst, pastrami and Swiss cheese.

One thing’s for sure: Reuben skills, this man has. Served open- or closed-faced, the sandwich ($6.99) arrives on grilled, buttery-soft marble bread, filled thick with corned beef or pastrami, sauerkraut, melted Swiss cheese and creamy Russian dressing. It’s a heavenly piece of work.

Similarly, the Monte Cristo ($6.99), containing slices of turkey and baked ham, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing, also comes on marble bread.

While another show stopper, the Asheville Special ($6.99), gathers homemade turkey and havarti cheese onto grilled, wheatberry bread, which is smeared with cranberry mayonnaise.

Otherwise, the Hello Deli offers several traditional hot or cold sandwiches — rare roast beef, roast brisket, liverwurst and additional kosher meats, for instance — on a variety of breads such as rye, white, whole wheat and Kaiser.

Overall, it’s a tasty deli, fine enough to merit a visit, and, yes, hopefully, repeated hellos from its patrons.

A Couple More Reviews

Here are two more lovely reviews, originally posted at Yelp.com

Annah H.
Great Place, Right next to City Hall in North Charleston.

Staff is very friendly & helpful they treat you like you are the only customer. It feels a little strange to be served lunch with that much enthusiasm.

The food was great! I had the Turkey salad sandwich w/ bacon on toasted bread- it was very good and had a taste to it that can best be described as “Thanksgiving”. I really enjoyed the potato salad, the pickle that comes with the sandwiches tastes like it was home canned. All the food seems to have a home made quality.

They have several lunches for $5.00 that include a sandwich/ side/ drink.

They have a stamp card program to earn free meals.

They deliver to local businesses.


Nicola G.
We have ordered lunch 3 times in the past 10 days – each one has been arrived quickly and been great.

So far my fave has been roast beef with Harvarti cheese and mayo on a croissant.  The beef was super rare, juicy and delicious.

So far we have all been really happy with our choices and the many offers such a wide variety that we won’t be getting bored too soon.

Owned by same folks from Nathans deli in West Ashley.


A Great Review

We’d never heard of Yelp.com, but suddenly found that our customers have been posting wonderful reviews of Hello Deli on there. Here’s one from “Damien O” that is more detailed than a NY Times restaurant review. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts!


A co-worker of mine told us about this place and had placed a couple of their menus out.  So looking through the menu, I noticed that they have a good sized assortment of breakfast and lunch items. They are open from 6 am to 3pm (hopefully they will stay open later in the future).

The Menu:
Breakfast items include basic dishs (omeletts, [insert meat] & eggs, belgian waffles, etc) to bizzare (sauteed chicken livers & eggs, and Lox (thats thinly sliced salmon, fish for breakfast?!)).  Lunch items consist of deli style sandwichs that are almost nonexistant in SC (ie Reuben, Philly, Monte Cristo, Kosher Pastrami & Salami, Rare Roast beef,etc.).

The Reuben test:
For me, I love Reubens but there are very very few “deli’s” in SC that actually know how to make a decent Reuben.  If they can make a good Reuben, i will definitely be back to try other menu items.

Hello Deli!  definitely knows how to make a good…no a spectacular Reuben!  The marble rye bread was soft and lightly grilled to perfectly melt the wonderful swiss cheese.  The juicy and thinly sliced Kosher corned beef was piled neatly and topped with a heafty amount of sauerkraut wth a hint of russian dressing.  The bread soaked in some of the juices from the meat on both slices and just melts in your mouth and oddly enough not in your hand.  I love the fact that they didn’t drown the sandwich in dressing; on that note didn’t use just any 1000 island dressing from the store, looked like it but tasted like it was homemade.  Didn’t matter cause my taste buds were too busy having a sexy party.  The only gripe i had was the meat was not spread evenly around the sandwich, but that was it.

It located across the new Verizon Call center and the new place that being built.  Its tucked behind Picadily cafe (avoid this like the plague..or swine flu to stay current).  Hello Deli! shares a building with a daycare.  It looks like a bad location but with all the businesses around it, i see it flourishing quickly..hopefully!  The inside of the place reminds me of a small local coffee shop that all walks of life would feel comfortable.  The staff was very friendly and greeted everyone with a smile, and very polite…all opposite of east bay deli!

I believe they are reasonable due to how much food is given and how well its prepared.

I would highly recommend this place to anyone that is a huge deli sandwich buff.  Can’t wait to try there other items.